Please understand that Screening is mandatory.  It's not painful, and while your anonymity and privacy are extremely important to me, my own safety and peace of mind is paramount.


Please always be professional and respectful in your correspondence with me.  Do not ask about specific services, do not use lewd or unkind language, ever.  I appreciate kind, respectful gentlemen.

COVID-19 Protocols

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have a strict set of precautions in place.  I am limiting my meetings to a select few and am respectful of social distancing.  I prefer fewer encounters and for longer periods of time.  If you experience any symptoms prior to our meeting, please make me aware, ASAP.


I absolutely adore gentleman who take that extra step toward being well groomed, fresh and clean.  There's nothing wrong with being a Metro-Sexual - cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Ideal Meetings

Meetings can vary in time and location.  I do have a preference for longer engagements if you time allows.  I like getting to know someone and building up that passion and anticipation!


Yes, I know that life, work and even COVID can get in the way of masterly executed planning.  I kindly ask for as much advanced notice as possible, and I appreciate those who offer a cancellation fee as a gesture of kindness and respect for my lost time.  Those who do not offer a cancellation fee will be asked for a 50% deposit when making your next appointment, as a sign of good faith and commitment.


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Bill, Philadelphia

Riley - wow!  What a fantastic time I had with you!  You're smart, engaging, funny and oh so sweet.  I can't wait 'til the weather gets better, the vaccines are all done with, and we can go enjoy an evening with dinner, cocktails and loads of fun.  I will see you again!